Self Aligning Ball Bearings FAQS

QWhat is SAF Pillow Blocks?

ASAF pillow blocks combine rugged cast-iron or cast-steel housings with high capacity spherical roller bearings to meet the toughest demands of heavy industry. The convenient split-housing design simplifies assembly and service. Each pillow block contains an advanced-design spherical roller bearing with improved geometry and raceway finish for maximum load capacity and service life. Timken manufactures pillow blocks in two main styles: SAF and SDAF. The larger SDAF block is suggested for extreme heavy duty applications. Size range: 1.37795 in. to 11.811 in., with special shaft sizes available up to 39.37 in. and beyond. Design Attributes Split construction allows for easy assembly and disassembly. Pry tool slots and the exclusive Pry-Lug fulcrum simplifies bearing inspection, service and replacement. Caps are removed quickly and easily, preventing damange to the bearing or housing. Integrated housing and bearing design enhances unit lubrication characteristics. Multiple sealing options protect against contamination. Applications Conveyors Mining applications Pulp and paper mills Rolling mills

QWhat is Split Cylindrical Roller Bearing Housed Units?

ASplit Cylindrical Roller Bearing Housed Units maximize uptime. They are easy to install and quick to maintain. When replacing trapped solid SN/SD/SAF housings, a split unit can reduce installation time up to 90%. The split-to-shaft feature makes installation and maintenance simple and fast. The SNQ / SAFQ pedestal type can further reduce downtime dramatically. It slides under the shaft eliminating the need to lift it and remove a drive to install a bearing. At home in a wide range of operating conditions, the 01 Light, 02 Medium and 03 Heavy Series handle increasingly higher static and dynamic loads. Pedestal, flange, hanger and tensioning support types are available. Catalog shaft size range: 35 mm to 600 mm, with custom units from 600 mm shaft size to 1500 mm O/D. Ductile iron and steel supports are an option for severe duty applications. Industries and Applications Timken® Split Cylindrical Roller Bearing Housed Units handle demanding industrial operations: Cement Chemical Food Processing Iron and Steel Marine Mining/Aggregate/Cement Oil and Gas Power Generation Pulp and Paper Water Treatment Sugar Processing

QWhat is SNT Plummer Blocks?

ASNT Plummer Blocks feature durable cast-iron housing and robust sealing options to keep lubrication in and contamination out. Add in Timken® high-performance spherical roller bearings for a metric split block housed unit that delivers performance in the toughest environments. Timken SNT Plummer Blocks are available in two- and four-bolt mounting configurations. The SNT line features 200, 300, 500 and 600 series housings; 3000 and 3100 series are available for larger sizes. Shaft size range: 20 mm to 380 mm, cast steel and ductile iron housings available for severe duty applications. Industries and Applications Timken SNT Plummer Blocks handle demanding heavy industrial operations: Power Generation (Coal) Mining/Aggregate/Cement Metal MillsPulp & Paper/Sawmills/Forestry/Water Treatment Food Processing Warehousing Movable Bridges/Structures Industrial Fans/Blowers

QWhat is Solid Block – Spherical Roller Bearing?

ASpherical roller bearing solid-block housed units are designed for the most challenging circumstances. Made with cast-steel housings and Timken high-performance spherical roller bearings, these are the only spherical roller bearing housed units to offer steel solid-block housings as standard. In addition, Timken solid-block housed units can run efficiently on misaligned shafts up to ±0.75 degrees, without a reduction in life expectancy. With a full line of precision-made locking styles and housings, these solid-block housed units offer protection from contaminants, particularly when used with the many available advanced primary and secondary seal options. Steel auxiliary covers are also available to create another layer of protection from harsh conditions. And, with the Timken bearing selection wizard, finding the right housed unit to fit your application is easy. Industries and Applications Metal Mills Aggregate and Cement Mining Power Generation Sawmills and Other Forest Products Industries Pulp and Paper Material Conveying Commercial and Industrial Building Products Sugar MillsAgriculture Waste Management and Waste Water Treatment Off-Highway and Construction Vehicles HVAC, Fans and Blowers Cranes, Lifts and Hoists